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13 April 2010 @ 12:09 am
I finally did end up planning out the second OP for Blue Moon (the Solar Eclipse OP, "Double Moon ~Sun Remix~". Here are the lyrics and descriptions of what goes on in the OP, though I made some changes to my original plans. The song ended up belonging more to an adventure game or RPG than to a Precure series... maybe? I don't know. You tell me.


[Sunday turns and smiles at the viewer.]

[Night turns and smiles at the viewer from the other direction.]

[Both of them hold hands. The music swells, the camera pans up to the sun, and the logo appears.]

Living in a maze of endless lies
Keeping it afloat with things we hide

[Lily Class' room. Asa twirls with happiness holding a DaiFighter action figure; there's a DaiVan playset on her desk. Everyone looks at her and she sweatdrops and rubs the back of her head.]

I don't want to live that way
Now that I'm free

[Nakayama house. Yoko pulls an old sweatshirt over her head, ties back her hair and walks into the garage.]

Some may say the sadness keeps us safe

[The dojo in Fubuki Town. Hoshi beats up a punching bag.]

But if there's time to spare it's not too late

[Seiki Open Mall. Yukari inspects a new skirt; the camera pans to a pile of shopping bags behind her.]

Someone cries into the night

[Clair Academy courtyard, night. Mia wanders around, obviously scared and clinging to her flashlight.]

The two of us will always be there

[Lily Class' room. Emiru walks in flanked by a few classmates, but is taken aback; pan to Ami-sensei unveiling some ridiculous invention at the front of the class. A shiny black clock spins past the screen.]

Tonight, I start to wonder
The moon I see in double vision shines above the world

[Evening, some street corner. Dawn is pressed up against a building, following someone (probably the Cures) and holding her heart necklace in her hand. She looks up at the sky.]

The days move on and I feel like my heart's becoming clean

[Asa, Yoko and Starry stand in the middle of an expanse of white. Starry picks up a Moon Piece from the ground. The other twelve pieces appear and fly around Asa and Yoko in a circle.]

Pretty Cure...

[They slash their Moon Cards in their phones.]

Because there's someone like you in the world that we live in
I know that it isn't so terrible
When the moon comes in view
I know I can see you
So I will keep waiting until that day comes

[Boss rush. Seriously. Sunday and Night run at top speed, fighting their way past first Mireyes, whose crystal ball levitates between her hands as she anticipates their every attack, then Binbeat, who fills the battlefield with explosions by playing the organ, then Tachimany, who shift forms near-constantly, and then Mekuramast, who attacks with his string of scarves.]

Everyone hides from the worst of themselves
Or the things that they want no one else to see

[Chronos Travelling Show. Kairos reaches out to Kore, who disappears into the air. The world is wiped away into the void and Kainatrol appears.]

Though the fear is still there, I know you'll be there too and so I
Will never hide my true self again

[Sunday and Night Second Spin a Hidoinaa and fly off into the air.]

Because there's someone like you in the world that we live in
I know that it isn't so terrible

[A lake in the mountains at night. Asa and Yoko sit on the beach, looking out at the water.]

When the moon comes in view
I know I can see you

[The park. A pink-haired girl in a Cure-esque uniform screams with tears in her eyes and throws a punch at a boy in a white school uniform and eye mask.]

So I will keep waiting until that day

[The front doors of Clair Academy. Asa and Yoko stand up, surrounded by their friends.]

The days keep on passing, the world opens up
To a future of brightness and harmony

[Transformation clip.]

Hey, there's something I think I should tell you, but if you can wait,

[Etherium(?). Sunday and Night are covered in the blue fire that appears during their special attack. The white expanse around them turns multicoloured.]

I'll tell you what it is next full moon

[Instead of launching themselves into the air, they run forward into the rapidly-filling nothingness.]


[Sapphire Park, night. Asa and Yoko link hands. The camera pans up to the moon, and the logo appears again.]
SteelSpirit: pic#95300047steelspirit on April 13th, 2010 10:54 pm (UTC)
Nice! I liked the descriptions and it's written good too.

Kepp up the cool work, oh and maybe you can check out my fanseries some time?
Cure Lofty: Bloom - big smilethursdays0child on April 14th, 2010 06:14 am (UTC)
wah~! i really love those lyrics!! so cute! wow that rocked.
hybridboy, JDindistress: lovexdisc on April 14th, 2010 02:35 pm (UTC)
Love it!!!!!!! It's soo awesome!!! I think it hint many things... X3 I think I might do that, but for my next series Soft Fusion Pretty Cure. I already have the lyrics for the opening so the only thing is left t write is the description.
Jisufriendshipbeam on April 14th, 2010 11:03 pm (UTC)
I'll be looking forward to it! As for whether or how much of this hints at future plot points, just wait and see. ^^ *attempts to keep secrets at least better than Toei marketing execs*